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Samhain Service

Samhain marks the end of the harvest and the beginning of the dark time if the year. It is variously practiced as Halloween, All Saints Day, the Day of them Dead. Come and join us as we honour our ancestors.

Letting Go to Let In Spiritual Abundance

The purpose of congregational life is to exercise and increase our individual and collective generosity of spirit. What is required for you—for us—to live with a spirit of abundance?

Contemplative Service

A quiet, meditative gathering with special readings, candles of intention


Addiction & the Mind, Body, Spirit Connection

We continue exploring the theme, “Letting Go” with a frank conversation about addiction and the spiralling impact addiction can have on individuals, families, and communities. How do we support recovery? Or understand the mind, body, spirit connection when someone is actively using substances, or practising dangerous or destructive behaviours? Today’s Offering will be collected for … Continued

Chalice Circle Service

Readings, reflection, and small group discussions continue the month-long theme, “Letting Go”.