Personal Journey to Agnosticsim

Lay presenter, Arne Raven will speak about his personal spiritual journey to Agnosticism.

Symbols of Compassion

An abbreviated service this Sunday (10:00 – 10:45 am) with music, and shared ritual. The Congregational Retreat will take place following the service at 11:30 am to 6:00 pm at Heather A.’s home in Valleyview.      


Compassion in Death & Dying

Rev/ Helen reflects personal stories about her experiences working as a hospital chaplain with many individuals at their death, and the surprisingly simple ways we can all show compassion. Also, today’s Sharing Our Plate Offering will be in support of Kamloops Hospice Association.


Co-operative & Creative Worship

Members & friends are invited to choose/bring a piece of music (any type) that is meaningful to them, and to speak a few words on its significance. You may perform it yourself, or play a CD recording. Alternatively, share a reading or poem etc, including those from the hymnal.  Please contact service leader,  Colene P. … Continued

Chalice Circle Service

Candle lighting, readings, and facilitated small group discussion on the theme of “Compassion”.

T’is the Gift to Be Simple

“Simplicity not just about saying yes to sunsets, walks in the woods and more dinners with those we love. It’s also about saying no to status and society’s affirmation. And that most certainly requires bravery.” Rev. Helen begins a month-long conversation focusing on “Simplicity” and freedom from complexity and excess.

Simply Got to Know: a question box service

Have a question on any aspect of religion or spirituality that you want answered? Today’s service will be built around your questions. Please submit before June 8th. Phone or  Email Rev. Helen.


Flower Communion

As we approach summer, it is time for the annual “Flower Communion” service, when each is invited to bring a flower, bloom, or greenery to church. This simple tradition goes back to 1923 in Chechoslovakia when Unitarian Norbert Capek sought to create a ritual that would bind people more closely together, and not alienate any who … Continued